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    Make your daily trips even more enjoyable. Thanks to this equipment, the bike becomes an ally whatever the season and whatever your load.

    Pair of mudguard - Angell/S: 

    Protect yourself from the weather with these wooden mudguards. 

    Rear luggage rack - Angell/S

    Carry up to 15kg with this rear luggage rack. 

    Waterproof gloves

    Half season cycling Tucano Urbano gloves.

    Jacket for cyclists

    The jacket for eco-friendly cyclists.

    New Smoggy - Black - New20

    Tucan Urbano SMOGGY anti-pollution mask.

    Lookin 3D saddle

    Saddle that ensures a high level of comfort with modern look.

    Reflective Sleeves

    To prevent frozen fingers when it’s cold and to ensure you have total control of your route, it is vital that your hands are well protected.

    Reflective gloves

    Reflective and wind-proof gloves.

    Shoe Cover

    Unisex, waterproof and highly compact Shoe Cover

    Trousers strap

    This leather covered metal trouser strap will stop cyclists’ trousers becoming damaged or dirty.

    Contact us, we will find the nearest repair solution for you.

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    Possibility of payment up to 12 installments free of charge.


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