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    Angell accessories

    Discover our smart accessories designed by Angell.

    Connected bottle

    A smart bottle made from sustainable materials.

    Kickstand - Angell/S

    Extra strong and solid kickstand


    Waterproof saddlebag for Angell's front luggage rack.

    Kickstand - Angell

    Extra strong and solid kickstand

    Pair of mudguard - Angell/S: 

    Protect yourself from the weather with these wooden mudguards. 

    Rear luggage rack - Angell/S

    Carry up to 15kg with this rear luggage rack. 

    Front luggage rack - Angell & Angell/S

    Carry all you want with freedom

    Pair of wooden mudguards - Angell

    Pair of wooden mudguards

    Front luggage carrier - Angell & Angell/S

    Carry your belongings in style with the Angell basket.

    Closca x Angell Helmet

    This foldable and reflective helmet ensures that every journey is a pleasant and comfortable experience.

    Angell battery

    Get hold of a second battery identical to the one delivered with your bike.

    Battery charger

    Additional charger for your Angell battery.

    Adjustable handlebar mirrors

    Equip your bike with mirrors to have a better view of traffic and increased security.

    Contact us, we will find the nearest repair solution for you.

    Payment facilities

    Possibility of payment up to 12 installments free of charge.


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