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    Perfect for every occasion.

    Angell /S

    Simply Super.
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    • Introduction
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    Just like in your dreams.
    Only better.

    249€ / month or 2 990€ - Delivery within 2 to 3 weeks
    Average range
    50 km
    Fall detector &
    Tyre strips
    Front indicator
    Rear indicator
    Anti-theft alarm
    Sound & Light
    What if we

    15,2 km/h

    This is the average speed of cars in the city.


    This is the share of home / work trips <5km.

    1 week/year

    This is the average time lost in traffic jams.

    Combustion Engine Vehicles

    It's the main cause of air pollution.

    Reinvent your daily life!


    The bicycle is without a doubt the fastest means of transport in town. No more anxiety about traffic jams!


    Safety lights, flashing lights, fall alert and alarm: you can finally move around the city in peace and in complete safety.


    With Angell, cycling will never be stressful again thanks to its 3 electric assistance programmes.


    Take part in the redistribution of urban mobility, for the health of you and your city.

    The French smart-bike
    designed by Ora ïto

    High resistance, very light.

    With its sleek design in line with Ora Ïto's philosophy of "simplexity", the high-strength aluminium frame ensures an ideal posture for people ranging from 1.65m to 1.95m in height. Experience your freedom in all its lightness thanks to its featherweight of 13.9kg without the battery and a carbon fork.
    • Carbon fork
    • 14,2 kg*
      * without battery
    • Assembled in France

    A removable and new generation battery.

    Compact, removable, our battery is easily transportable and you can recharge it wherever you are. It ensures your safety thanks to its integrated stop and indicator lights; and thanks to its on-board software, we can improve its performance for your next trip.
    • 2h recharge time
    • 50km / 43 mi range
    • Stop / indicator lights

    Angell power,
    always at your fingertips.

    Its high-readability 2.4" touchscreen is fully customisable: speed, pollution index, battery level, GPS, calories or even electrical support. And thanks to its hyperbolic front light and indicators, you've never been so safe. Stay focused on the road with the handles that show you what direction you're going. Continuously updated on-board software allows you to use your smart bike without a smartphone and even without a battery.
    • Autonomous
      without smartphone, without battery
    • 2.4" touchscreen
      high visibility
    • Buzzers
      direction indicator
    • Hyperbolic light/indicators
    More than a bike, it's the future of mobility
    Ora ïto
    • The power to get you to your destination, without any effort.
    • The assistance you choose when you want to save your battery.
    • The help needed to get you going. A forward thrust and that's it, you are travelling at 25km/h
    • After all, your legs will be enough too. Enjoy your Angell without any assistance.
    • The only bike that adapts its assistance depending on the slope you're about to face.

      Thanks to its multiple sensors, the Angell recognises which type of terrain it's on in order to assess the best assistance for you and thus avoid a major effort on climbs and too much acceleration when going down a slope.

    0 Range in
    0 Average
    from 0 to 20km/h

    Driving modes


    Tell us where you want to go with our mobile app and Angell will take you to your destination. Keep your eyes on the road with the navigation screen and built-in cockpit buzzers.


    Simply program your goals (Time or Calories) and achieve them with a little assistance ... or none!

    Free Ride

    You're ready to go ! Speed, distance, calories, battery level, it's all there on your screen.

    An evolutionary experience.

    Always optimised performance. The design of our on-board technology is based on our design and our software. It allows us to personalise and boost your daily experience. Permanent updates thanks to your smartphone will give you access to new features and improve the safety of both you and your smart bike.
    • Integrated SIM card
    • Remote update
    • Customisable assistance

    Your safety, our priority

    Its safety, our duty

    Fall detector &
    Fall detectors are placed on the bike and a message will be sent to your emergency contact in the event of an accident.
    Your bike is equipped with front and rear hyperbolic lights, and brake lights for better visibility on the road.
    Tyre strips
    Your wheels are also lit up at night.
    Front rear
    Rear indicators
    Indicate your direction thanks to the indicators placed on the cockpit and on the battery.
    Buzzers to help you
    Buzzers integrated into the handles so you know what direction to take while keeping your eyes on the road.
    Anti-theft alarm
    Sound & Light
    If your bike is moved without your knowledge, a high intensity audible and visual alarm will go off.
    The bike will automatically lock when you move away. Your battery is protected with a lock.
    Location tracking and motion detectors let you know if the bike is being moved. Even if you have removed the battery.
    Your bike is delivered ready to ride

    Unpack. Take a ride.

    Unlock the potential
    of your Angell.

    We have created and selected for you a range of accessories so that your smart bike can be adapted to your lifestyle: mudguard, bicyle basket, stand, rear-view mirror, etc.

    An electric bike made
    to be shared.

    You can create as many profile as you want thanks to our iOS and Android mobile app, but you can also share your bike with whomever you want. Your assistance and preferences parameters will automatically load as you approach your bike so you can live your own experience.

    Your Smartbike starting at 715€ / month

    A simple, complete and efficient insurance

    Custom-made assistance

    We manage for you any service or repair requests


    Contact us, we will find the nearest repair solution for you.

    Payment facilities

    Possibility of payment up to 12 installments free of charge.


    Discover our damage & theft insurance for 9,90€/month