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    Perfect for every occasion.

    Angell /S

    Simply Super.


    Business vehicle for committed companies

    Take care of your employees with Angell

    Allowing your employees to travel by bike contributes to their well-being and will keep them in shape.

    With a source of escape and physical exertion, you allow them to take time for themselves.

    And why not organising a collective ride to strengthen team spirit?

    Boost your teams' performance

    You are about to offer them the most secure and connected smartbike on the market.

    Your employees will be more motivated than ever!

    We are not telling you what you already know, but a happy employee who loves his company is a very productive employee.

    5 km... by bike!

    5km? The average distance between home and work.

    What could be better than stretching your legs and escaping the harmful effects of public transportation?

    The feeling of lost time and the stress it generates will soon be a bad memory.

    Join the movement of companies that make a commitment

    70% of greenhouse gas emissions come from commuting.

    With Angell, improve the air quality in your city and that of your employees.

    Our bikes are made in France. Choosing Angell also means supporting Made in France production.

    The must ? We take care of everything.

    Your fleet will be delivered to you by us and your Angells will stay dashing!

    Our upgrades will make your bikes more and more efficient. We also provide a repair and maintenance service. In case of theft, the bike is traceable. The break/theft insurance allows you to receive a new bike within 10 to 15 days if the stolen bike could not be recovered in time by the police.

    Tax credit of 25%, mobility package and social and tax benefits, you're not dreaming, we really take care of everything.

    Ready to get your teams rolling for less than a Navigo pass?

    Contact us by filling the form below. Our offers are custom made, we will treat you with first-class attention.

    Are you ready?

    We take care of everything. We deliver the bikes, maintain them, and even pick them up in case of theft. Is this your kind of service? Give us your contact information, and we will get in touch with you.


    Contact us, we will find the nearest repair solution for you.

    Payment facilities

    Possibility of payment up to 12 installments free of charge.


    Discover our damage & theft insurance for 9,90€/month