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    Perfect for every occasion.

    Angell /S

    Simply Super.
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    Angell Care

    All the products you need to maintain your Angell

    Ebike corrosion protection

    Protect your frame and battery.

    Ebike dry cleaner

    Spray to clean your bike without water

    Microfiber cloth

    Effortless cleaning, drying and polishing cloth

    Cleaning product 5L

    For ultra-efficient and responsible washing

    Chain lubricant

    Super efficient Muc-off lubricant

    8 in 1 bike cleaning kit

    Full cleaning kit to clean your bike

    Protective shine

    Protects and polishes leaving that "brand new" look.

    Organic bike degreaser

    Oil, grease and dirt remover.

    Protective shine matte paint

    Protects and preserves matte paint's shine

    10 in 1 bike cleaning kit

    Full Muc-Off kit for a thorough cleaning of your bike

    Kit of 5 cleaning brushes

    All the brushes you need for an ultimate wash

    Anti-corrosion protection

    Preserve and refresh your bike!

    Contact us, we will find the nearest repair solution for you.

    Payment facilities

    Possibility of payment up to 12 installments free of charge.


    Discover our damage & theft insurance for 9,90€/month