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    Perfect for every occasion.

    Angell /S

    Simply Super.

    Your lifestyle,
    your accessories

    Customise your bike as you wish.

    Book your test

    Discover what your next bike is capable of.

    Practice your daily commute

    Travel without limits and rediscover your city.
    Your dreams of today build the future

    Together, let's improve everyday life in cities

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    Your fleet of smart bikes.

    Take your employee's journeys to the next level.

    The city of the future's laboratory

    An entrepreneurial lab to build the city of your dreams.

    Angell Mag

    Pop-Up Bike Lane. Let's go full speed ahead!

    Hundred of km immediately adopted.

    Floating cities. Dream or reality?

    Climate change has the potential to reshape cities.

    Cyclist portraits

    They tell us why they chose bike for commuting.


    Contact us, we will find the nearest repair solution for you.

    Payment facilities

    Possibility of payment up to 12 installments free of charge.


    Discover our damage & theft insurance for 9,90€/month